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B.S. Minor

Bachelor of Science Minor in Astronautical Engineering

This program is for USC students who wish to work in the space industry and government space research  and development centers and who are pursuing bachelor's degrees in science, mathematics or engineering with specialization other than in astronautical  engineering.

The space industry employs a wide variety of engineers (electrical, mechanical, chemical, civil, etc.); scientists (physicists, astronomers, chemists); and mathematicians. These engineers participate in development of advanced space systems but they usually lack the understanding of basic fundamentals of astronautics and space systems. The minor in astronautical engineering will help overcome this deficiency and provide unique opportunities for USC engineering, science and mathematics students, by combining in their major field with the industry-specific minor in astronautical engineering.

Required coursework consists of a minimum of 18 units of course work. Including prerequisites, the minor requires 38 units. Three courses, or 9 units at the 400 levels will be counted towards the minor degree. The course work is a balanced program of study providing the basic scientific fundamentals and engineering disciplines critically important for contributing to development of complex systems.

Prerequisite courses: MATH 125, MATH 126 and MATH 226; PHYS 151L and PHYS 152L.

Required Courses

ASTE 289 Astronautics and Space Enviornment I 3
ASTE 301a Thermal and Statistical Sysytems I 3
ASTE 330 Astronautics and Space Enviornment II 3
ASTE 420 Spacecraft Design 3
ASTE 470 Spacecraft Propulsion 3
ASTE 480 Spacecraft Dynamics 3
Total: minimum 18

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