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Information Sciences Institute (ISI)

Information Sciences Institute 

The Division of Astronautical Engineering of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering cooperates closely with the USC's Information Sciences Institute (ISI), a world leader in research and development of advanced computer and communication technologies. Several researchers from ISI are the Division’s faculty.

Over the last 30 years, the Information Sciences Institute has emerged as one of the world's leading research centers in the fields of computer science and information technology. ISI has long been a major contributor to the nation's information technology knowledge base, and is actively engaged in a broad spectrum of information processing research, as well as being heavily involved in the development of advanced computer and communication technologies. The Institute research divisions are under the direction of nationally recognized research scientists in fields such as:
  • Artificial intelligence

  • Computational science and computer architecture

  • Computer security

  • Electronic commerce

  • Human-Centered support systems

  • Integrated circuit design and fabrication

  • Internet communications and advanced networking

  • Natural language technology

  • Parallel and grid computing

  • Robotics

  • Systems integration

ISI currently has more than 300 researchers, graduate students, and staff. It has two branches: ISI West (located in Marina del Rey, California) and ISI East (located in Arlington, Virginia). More information about both branches can be found on their websites: