On May 2nd, USC Viterbi’s 2022 Graduate and PhD Awards were held at the USC Hotel grand ballroom.

Students from the Department of Astronautical Engineering were recognized for the following honors:

Best Research Assistant - Ulubilge Ulusoy, PhD

Best Research Assistant - Shatad Purohit, PhD 

Jenny Wang Excellence in Teaching Award- Daniel Depew, PhD

Rocket Scientist of the Year- David Bacher & Michael Mastrangelo
Systems Architect & Engineering Award- Carla Uyeda
Astro Faculty Award- Emilie Reynoso 
Systems Architect & Engineering Award- Stephanie Chavez
Ad Astra Award-  Anokhi Kholwadwala

Left to Dr. Erwin is Emilie Reynoso & to the right of Dr. Erwin is Anokhi Kholwadwala.

Michael Mastrangelo

Published on May 16th, 2022

Last updated on June 27th, 2022