Current Students

Student Projects

Lunar Lander Project

The Space Engineering Research Center (SERC) faculty and students created an Earth based testbed to evaluate landing and flight techniques for the lunar surface.

This project includes full system engineering design and development of multi-impulse, complex attitude control systems, and the build and test of the control system through real time operating system electronics to stabilize and inherently unstable vehicle.

Lunar Lander Project

Nanosatellite Project

SERC explores various new concepts in small and nanosatellite build and design. Advanced payload integration and deployment from nanosatellites in LEO, digital design tool to autocode generation of onboard software, use of nanosats as parasitic ride-alongs with larger spacecraft, and advanced rendezvous and proximity operations techniques are some of the areas of research.

Nano satellite Project

Rocket Propulsion Laboratory (RPL)

The world’s premier undergraduate research group for experimental rocket technologies.

We are focused on pushing the state-of-the-art in rocket technology. Armed with determination and the goal of putting a scratch-built rocket into space, USCRPL aims to successfully launch and recover the world's first entirely student-designed and -fabricated rocket past the Karman line, the recognized boundary of space at 100 km (328,084 ft).

Rocket Propulsion Lab

Liquid Propulsion Laboratory (LPL)

The world's finest student-led team for experimental liquid propulsion technologies.

LPL is unique in that it is focuses solely on liquid propulsion rocket engines and is operated entirely by students. Liquid propulsion systems are often more complex than those used for solid rockets but they offer some unique benefits well worth the trouble.

Liquid Propulsion Lab

ASTE 527: Space Studio Architecting

An Architectural Approach To Complex Engineering Concepts Generation.

ASTE 527: Space Studio Architecting is a 3 unit graduate level elective course. This highly interdisciplinary course is all about the formulation and articulation of creative ideas. It is also about speculation; visualizing future applications for space technology. The aim of this synthesis oriented program is to encourage and refine programmatic and conceptual design synthesis skills for the creation of complex high technology projects.

ASTE 527